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General Payment Policies of Aba Travel Company

1. The below Payment Policies are recommended to all local offices of Aba Travel working under the common Aba Travel License.

2. Specific application of payment terms and modalities may vary in different countries based on local legislation.

3. The travel companies under each legislation would normally require a prepayment (advance payment) for tours, excursions and related travel services being offered to the client. Such prepayment is used to book hotels, purchase air tickets or railway tickets, reserve tour guides and transportation.

4. In case the tour or travel service is cancelled prior to beginning due to whatever reason (see Cancellation Policies), the client is entitled to refund (see Refunds Policies). The conditions, amount and other particular details of the refund are to be discussed through communication between the tour operator and client.

5. It is the responsibility of the tour operator to provide the client with a convenient and reliable means of payment. These may include, but not limited to:
  • Payment to local bank account
  • Payment to overseas bank account
  • Payment through one of online payment services such as Paypal, or direct acceptance of funds from credit card of the client using an online interface