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Tours in Tajikistan

Tajikistan attracts thousands of visitors to the country with its spectacular mountain peaks, patriarchial lifestyle, and a number of ancient cities and monuments which preserve the scent of antiquity. Its people are hospitable and always ready to accept guests with open mind and amicability.
Mountain Lake
Lake in Tajikistan
Tajikistan has a lengthy and interesting history which dates back to the epoch of Alexander the Great. Some people believe that blond and blue-eyed highlanders that can be met in some areas of the country, are direct descendants of the great emperor. The land still keeps numerous ruins of fortresses, towns and other monuments of the long-passed time.
Moog Fortress Istaravshan
Moog Fortress, Istarvshan
When you visit Tajikistan, your local tour operator will certainly take you to the mountains because the views are truly breath-taking. Some of the areas where you will be invited require significant skills and health to reach, as well as special transport such as four-wheel drive cars, tents, and special outfits to survive the harsh mountain climate.
Chukurak Lake Tajikistan
Chukurak Lake, Tajikistan
A trip to Tajikistan can be your lifetime experience and a great addition to a longer journey around Central Asia. Just be sure to find the right local travel specialist to travel in Tajikistan with ease and less expense.