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Tours in Russia

Russia is the greatest country in the world, with so diverse parts and regions, and people living in them. Exploring Russia is a vast task, that may take years to accomplish. The most popular parts, however, are the capital Moscow, the northern capital Saint Petersburg, and the so-called cities along the Golden Ring, that is, the core part of ancient Moscovia kingdom.
Moscow Kremlin
Moscow Kremlin, St. Basil Cathedral
Moscow, the largest city and capital of Russia, lures thousands of foreigners with its luxury, grandeur and imperial massiveness. It has been the central city of Russia for at least 800 years. Nowadays, it is said to be one of the world's fastest growing tourist destinations.
Christ the Savior Cathedral
Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow
Russians often call Saint-Petersburg the Northern Palmira or northern (second) capital of Russia, which in fact it was for at least 200 years, taking the status from Moscow. During this imperial period, the city gained unprecedented grandeur and a vast heritage of monuments, palaces, museums, parks and bridges.
Saint Petersburg
Views of Saint Petersburg, Russia
A tour around the Golden Ring cities provides a tourist with a unique opportunity of seeing the essence of Russian civilization, as it used to be for centuries. The cities meticulously preserve the spirit and appearance of the Russian lifestyle, with numerous kremlins (inner fortress and seat of government), museums, churches and monasteries.
Suzdal City, Russia
City of Suzdal, Russia