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Turkmenistan travel agent/tour operator - Gochmurat, Dashoguz

Aba Travel Dashoguz (registered name 'Dashoguzsiyakhat' STE) is one of the oldest and largest travel agencies in existence in Turkmenistan. The specialization of the company is the reception of foreign citizens in Turkmenistan and provision of tourist services in the country. We specialize in receiving individual and group clients and delivering a full range of tourist services.
Gochmurat, travel agent Turkmenistan Dear Traveller,
Our trips are tailored to show the natural beauty and cultural heritage of people and wildlife throughout our mountainous and deserted country. For those who are interested in history and culture of the ancient civilization, we offer visits to Gonur Depe, Old Nisa, Anau, Altyn Depe, and Abiverd. If you are interested in nature - you can visit State Reserves, beautiful Koughitang Mountains with well-preserved footprints of antediluvian reptiles on the Dinosaurs' Plateau, amazing Karliuck caves, the forty Maidens Ravine, or a mountain lake named Kainar-Baba with holy fish. We ensure that our travel advice to you is as accurate and realistic as possible. We will be proud to have you as our guest! Our services include:
  • visa support to Turkmenistan;
  • meet&greet and see-offs;
  • accommodation at hotels of all categories;
  • transport services (buses, minibuses);
  • tour guides;
  • meals and picnics;
  • organization of conferences and seminars;
  • sanatoriums of Turkmenistan and National tourist zone 'Avaza'
  • booking air tickets to any destination.

Welcome to Turkmenistan!
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Aba Travel Dashoguz
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Dashoguz, Turkmenistan
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