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General Refunds Policies of Aba Travel Company

1. A client who has decided to cancel a booked tour after having paid a prepayment, is entitled to refund, that is, return of the full or partial amount paid.

2. The amount of refund is negotiated between the tour operator who received the funds and the client through negotiations. In doing so, the tour operator has the right to compensate for its actual expenses or obligations related to the tour, such as payments made or penalties in front of hotels, tour guides, service providers or transport companies while preparing the tour.

3. The time frames for refund are negotiated between tour operator and client via communication, but in general should not exceed 30 days from the date of cancellation.

4. Refund shall be made using a payment modality that is convenient both to tour operator and client.

5. The client may ask the tour operator to provide a list of expenses that were incurred under the tour to have a full picture and clear idea of how the paid funds were spent.