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Tours in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is the largest country of the Central Asian region in terms of territory, and 2nd largest by population (around 17 million people). Most of the territory are huge and waterless steppes. North of the country are areas with more humid climate, therefore, semiforest areas can be found there.
Almaty, Kazakhstan
City Park in Almaty

In the south and south east there are mountain ridges and high peaks, with amazingly beautiful mountain lakes and glaciers. Of special interest are such natural monuments as the Charyn Canyon (east of Almaty city), the Singing Dune at the Altyn Emel national park, and bronze age petroglyphs at Tamgaly site.
Nursultan, Kazakhstan
Modern Nursultan
Important destinations of Kazakhstan, frequented by tourists and business travelers, are its two capitals, southern Almaty and northern Nursultan (former Astana). The first one used to be the capital of Kazakhstan for many years and still preserves the status of largest financial and economic center and important transport and logistical hub. Some of the attractions in Almaty are of worldwide significance, for example, the famous Medeo Skating Rink and Shymbulak Ski Resort.
Shymbulak Resort
Shymbulak Ski Resort
Astana, the current capital, is a newly built megalopolis, with fancy and rich urban environment, often found right in the middle of the steppe. The government is investing huge resources to make this city a storefront of the newly independent Kazakhstan, attracting foreign business, banks and corporations. A major effort was made recently to improve the city's appearance when Astana was elected as host for Expo 2017 Exhibition. Impressive infrastructure and human resources were allocated to hold this event in line with global standards.